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Guruprasad BalajiGuruprasad Balaji

Im Guruprasad, also addressed as GP by friends. Im a Technology enthusiast, I love to take up any complex task and try to solve them as quick and easy. Mostly I work with Microsoft Technologies, which im ever fond of and find it easy to take up and deliver a robust solution out of it. I a positive thinker and creative too, who believes in the term Certainty, which is required in delivering what’s required. I aim more in helping the community in solving their difficulties and moving ahead. I always have the passion to do things in a new way that would bridge the gap and will be needful to the mankind.

What I'm capable of?

  1. 1. Engineering and Re-engineering websites for Corporate and Consumer Web.
  2. 2. Administrate Windows Servers, tuning and performance optimization for production.
  3. 3. Delivering simple and easy to understand speech upon cutting-edge technologies.
  4. 4. Evangelizing about the web/windows based products to the clients.

What's Unique?

I always like help anyone who're in need of anything. It may be technical or non-technical or a personal help. I experience an internal happiness when understanding and fixing the other's issues at the same time, i will get an opportunity to learn and analyze hardships as earlier than i undergo. I always keep myself engaged, as i consider myself as the specimen to test anything upon more easily. So, this helped me in doing lots of researches like funny, serious and have made me keep going with courage, the most expensive jewel.

Platform Evangelism:

My passion is working with Microsoft Web/Server Technologies that helps millions of people around the globe. I do platform evangelism by helping other customers to choose their right product that fulfills the gap between business and consumer and also customer's requirement.

Speaking Engagements:

I do often deliver speech through my webcasts and video presentations.  Do speak in public about the engaging and emerging technologies that will play the key role in delivering excellent web solutions.


I develop applications, troubleshoot computers and networks, sing, sketch and do glass paintings that would keep myself de-stressed. I enjoy performing stage performances and taking up difficult roles.

My Profile:

If you are looking to opt me or offer me a chance to deliver any public sessions, you can click here and write to me.

Or look at my resume online to know better.


I welcome you to my website.

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A Little Something About Me

Guruprasad Balaji

I'm Guruprasad, a Cloud Solutions Architect by profession, web developer, designer, artist, blogger & musician by passion. I specialize in Microsoft Azure Cloud Infrastructure from planning a greenfield architecture to modernization and Server Technologies.Read More...